George Dunlap


George believes in and will work for the following

Property Tax Reset

Property Tax values should be set back to pre-Covid levels. An acquisition value (the price you paid for your home) is the fairest way to determine the value of your property. Property Taxes should increase at the maximum of 3 % a year.

2nd Amendment Rights

The 2nd Amendment helps to protect all your other God given rights specified in the Constitution of the United States. Gun free zones are an open invitation for mass killings, they must be eliminated. The possession of a firearm helps protect ourselves, our families, our property and the Constitution of the United States.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels are the backbone of our way of life. In Wyoming we are blessed with the enormous supply of Coal, Oil and Natural Gas. We must as a State fight the Federal Bureaucracy’s regulations. The continued production of Fossil Fuels in the State of Wyoming will produce a bright future for many years to come.

School Choice

Public school education is good for many, but not the best for everyone. All parents should have the ability to educate their children in the way they believe is best. A true voucher system which does not discriminate against any family in the State of Wyoming is the only fair way to support its citizens.

Sanctity of Life

Life is a miracle from God. Every life should be protected from conception to the end of life caused by natural death. No man should stop a beating heart of another.

Parental Rights

Parents should have the authority to make healthcare decisions, to be informed of all educational methods, and be the ones in charge of the upbringing of their children. At no time should mental health issues be withheld for their parents from the school system or medical community. The sexualization of our precious children should never be allowed in our public schools.

Control Government Spending

Wyoming Government has increased drastically over the past few years. The larger the Government becomes the more your freedoms and rights are taken away. Continuing to look for new ways to tax its citizens and recklessly spend millions of dollars must be stopped. Sooner or later the well will run dry. Monies should first be allocated to infrastructure and the safety of the citizens.

Protect Individuals Health Care Rights

Every Citizen should have the Right to make their own healthcare decisions. Covid taught us the Government doesn’t always know what is best concerning an individual’s healthcare.

Foreign Land Protection

The State of Wyoming has an obligation to its citizens to protect the state from other countries controlling our farms and ranches. To protect our rural way of life and for the security of our country we must stop the widespread purchasing of land from our foreign adversaries.

Committed to Law Enforcement

Law enforcement in our country live by the motto “Protect and Serve” The State of Wyoming needs to continue support for our fine men and women who wear the badge to protect us. When we need them, they will be there.

Maintain Public Highways and Byways.

Safe and well-maintained highways and roads are vitally important for the safety and commerce of our citizens. With our wide-open spaces and vast distances between towns in Wyoming, roadway design and maintenance are vital to safety. The Department of Transportation provides a better way of life for all of us.