George Dunlap

George Dunlap

Candidate for State House District 32

A Warrior for Wyoming

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George Dunlap

My admiration and appreciation for the great state of Wyoming began on a ranch south of Gillette, where I was born and spent the first impressionable years of my life. Wyoming roots run deep in my family, as my grandfather and great-grandfather homesteaded the ranch in 1914. At a young age, our family relocated to town and from that time on I have been a loyal resident of Gillette. From the time I could run and catch, shoot, kick or throw a ball, a true sports enthusiast was born.  

I have had the joy and great privilege of seeing Wyoming through various lenses. Early in my career, I established a successful photography business in 1977 that was supported very well by the NE region of Wyoming. This business created the opportunity to come to know one of the greatest aspects of Wyoming: the people. Through my profession I was able to build long-lasting relationships with the community members. While photography was my main profession, I have also been the owner of numerous successful businesses. I was able to raise four wonderful children in the community of Gillette, which in turn served my family well. They have all gone on to have successful careers, families and have blessed me with eleven grandchildren. 


Some of the life experiences that I take pride in is that I was a founding member of the Rotary Club, and an active member of New Life Wesleyan Church. Along with these accomplishments, I was also very privileged to contribute to the community for 28 years by serving on the Campbell County Hospital Board. Throughout life the values that have carried me are my Faith, Family, Church, and Love of our Country. I have a wonderful wife by my side, Dawn Marie, who is ready to support my abilities, desires, and efforts to fight for Wyoming. 

Dawn & George @ Womens_Gillette, WY House District 32

Campbell County is a vital contributor to the economic security of the great state of Wyoming with the successes of coal, oil, gas, agriculture, and tourism. Our state needs someone that has the fortitude to stand up to the Federal Government. Someone who will speak out against regulations and mandates that deny our state of our identity of being known as independent thinkers. I pride myself in being built by the great State of Wyoming, and to my core I know what it takes to represent the people and the state well. A strong presence and strong convictions have served me well in life, and now it is my turn to serve you: the people. I will listen to the people and take your concerns straight to Cheyenne. At this point in my life, I have the time, energy, and desire to give back to the great state that made me. Wyoming built me to be a fighter, and now is my chance to be a Warrior for Wyoming.

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Fossil Fuels are the backbone of our way of life. In Wyoming we are blessed with the enormous supply of Coal, Oil and Natural Gas.

Property Tax

Property Tax values should be set back to pre-Covid levels.

2nd Amendment Rights

The 2nd Amendment helps to protect all your other God given rights specified in the Constitution of the United States.

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